Tuesday, December 30


Was rummaging in one of those huge boxes in my room the other day and here's what i found. Old pics. Was contemplating whether i should bring them to oz but i figured that they're not worth the.. weight? Haha. So i went to Jon's place to have them scanned instead.

This was primary 6. One buck for guessing which is me.

And form 3 i think? The guys look so different now. Conrad you look so.. (haha jangan bunuh saya!)

Then there were all the crazy pss pics as well.

Kinda miss those days now :)


Wednesday, December 24


Whee! I will be off to the land of lionbluff in a few hours.

On sms yesterday.
Deb: Tam bringing 500 sgd wor. Help me get 500 sgd la, justin case. I'll give you back the balance when i come home.
Mum: Does her 500 include hotel?
Deb: I think so. 500 should be enough for hotel as well. Just don't shop lor.
Mum: Yeah, you can get the latest fad in kl, taman midah.
Deb: Very funny...

Well 500 sgd is already 1.2 or 1.3k rm. So sakit hati. So next time if you want to go travelling, consider places like indon and you can go there as a millionaire. Haha.

Will be back on friday :)


Sunday, December 21


There is something really wrong with this pic.

MY hair! Yeah so long makes me look like orang gila. HAHA.

This is quite a backdated post, wanted to post it earlier but i couldn't get hold of the pics. Actually decided not to blog about it already, but since Pek Yiong wants me to i guess i should just do it yeah. Plus it's kinda her birthday thing yeah. Haha.

My 'haha's are starting to infect my blog now.

Anyway back to Genji. Our initial plan was to try their japanese buffet which seems to be getting a lot of good reviews but unfortunately it's only available during the weekends. Sigh. So we had no choice but to resort to their ala carte menu.

Soft shell crab temaki. It would have been perfect if it wasn't for its seaweed which was so limp and difficult to tear off. Watching Pek Yiong attempt in biting off the temaki was like watching Animal Planet.

This is the set i ordered. Teppan-fried chicken teriyaki with spicy ginger sauce. I made that up. Haha.

Pek Yiong ordered a bento set. No pic coz she forgot to take one. Hmph!

Us. I wonder why photos are always taken when i'm bukaing my purse. Agh shit, i think i'm becoming fatter. My face! Ah bui...

Then there's always the obligatory sampat moment. Pics weren't really nice. Because the lighting sucks. Because Pek Yiong's sony wouldn't stop vibrating. Because everyone else in the hotel were staring at us. But we tried anyway.

First shot.


*more giggles*

Py: What's wrong with you?
Bi: I don't know, i cannot stop laughing. Every time i want to take you keep touching your hair, pulling your shirt etc. Damn funny la.
Py: -.-"

Pek Yiong came over to stay at my place that night and by the time we reached my place it was already almost 10. Didn't really do anything as we were both too tired so we just slumped down on the sofa and chatted and chatted till we fell asleep.


Thursday, December 18


Debbi is (ala facebook) eating cny cookies now *yum* These are my cny must-haves: peanut cookies. My mum ordered them earlier especially for me since i will not be here to celebrate the upcoming cny. So touched :') You know how we always get so jelak of cny tidbits every year because we'd be consuming such an obscene amount of various type of cookies after all those house visits? I wish i could go through that again. Next year. Wuu...

On another note i just got my letter of good conduct done. FINALLY huh? That's what procrastination does to me. And the sbs pengetua, for ffk-ing me so many times. Here's what she wrote for me...

Yearh, like you know that i'm active and yada yada. But thanks anyway. Haha.

Glad everything's settled now. Just need to start packing... soon...


Sunday, December 14


I'm now taking a break from sorting out all the 2008 pictures. Seriously they're driving me nuts. Many of them have duplicates with different names and argh they're just appearing everywhere in random folders *pulls hair* Anyway, I've had all my documents and movies etc transferred from the desktop to my external hdd - part of preparation for oz, about a month left now :( and i've just noticed how i have this tendency to write blogspots on microsoft word and never ended up finishing them. Here are just some excerpts. And a lot of them were given the subject 'emo'. wth? My life must have been really sad.

We’ve attempted to call several hotels most of which led to nothing but disappointment.

The committee nearly settled for Equitorial Bangi until we saw their sucky ballroom. Besides, all of us didn’t quite like gutsy girl Jolene. So we went home with a plunge of despair and the RM 5000 cheque safe in hand.

When I first found out that my preparation for both exams would clash one another, the immediate thought which came to my mind was that I would focus on the uni exam itself, and piano will come second.

Trust. I have problems trusting people. No. Seriously. And this came by after some lil issue which I still, now, obviously, haven’t completely let go of. You know who you are, I thank you, and I forgive you.

Shitz. A new line of perfume we just came up with. It’s splendid, I must say. Although the picture will probably make us all look like cheapos...

The language of love
You’re in the middle of a serious conversation with a friend and out of the blue your phone beeps. It’s a message from him. Your mind immediately goes into screensaver mood; you think about the contents of the message, yet still pretend to be in the conversation you’re no longer listening to.

The last one is damn corny. Must be something out of one of the chick lits. 35 more days now. Yeah i'm already starting to count down. Even my huge-ass suitcase is already in my room just waiting to be stuffed with clothes and clothes and clothes. EMO.


Saturday, October 11


Well i hate this template. Changed it because the old one apparently had problems with the comments link. Don't know why, and i don't know how to fix it. I can probably just tweak some things in the html a bit, but unfortunately i don't know how to do that also. So ma fan. Sigh.

This is actually quite a backdated post. Wrote it quite some time ago, but just never got round to finish it.

Mic and i were supposed to attend a halloween party in ucsi a few weeks back. But... just as we arrived at the entrance, Con broke the news that something happened and they were forced to cancel the party. There was a moment of awkward silence, then i went on asking if he was kidding. Apparently not! Most of us thought it was some Halloween prank they were trying to play on us. So it was cancelled. Our excitement over the past few days/weeks has evaporated (more like Con's excitement; it was just eh for me haha). Thank goodness we didn't bother to dress too elaborately otherwise everything would have gone to waste.

This is the only pic the three of us took together. It's kinda nice really. But i didn't look nice. Explains the face.

Since we were already out the few of us decided to walk to the cafe nearby to have dinner. This is then followed by mamak with Con and Mic. Although the get-together was rather short we kept bursting into tucks of laughter and seriously, i haven't laughed so much in a long time. Yes, life pretty much sucked these days yada yada.

Just last week i was complaining how much i wish i am already in Australia studying. But hanging out with these people just make me don't want to leave anymore. I don't wanna leave anymore. . . And the other day my brother was trying to estimate how long it would take for his torrent to finish downloading. Since it has been going at about 1%/day i said it'll probably take a hundred days. He then said "a hundred? you also won't be here already by then" It was only then that i come to realise that 18th Jan is looming closer now. Nooo......

By the bye, the party got cancelled because... dot dot. There was a... dot dot. I'm not sure if i can tell? Ok there was a fire. A fire wth. Imagine a fire in imu. Haha.

Come Sunday Yx and i decided to pay the Seremban folks a visit. The whole thing was a pleasant getaway especially from all the housework i've been forced to do lately *whine whine* and it was also nice to finally meet up with Yx and Meg. Went to the movies in the afternoon, and it was the first time ever i've been to the cinema clad in very short shorts. Was freezing like crazy but luckily i had a jacket in my car. It was really nice of Kaj and De Jun to show us around after that. Visited a few houses, even invaded Mei Ann's study group, stayed the night and we left the next morning.


Friday, October 10

Jul 08: Melaka Trip

Finally. A proper proper post. I realised that all it takes to get myself to blog is to publish an emo post, which will get me all gung ho to write the next happy post so as to conceal the previous pathetic one. Haha. And Min's idea of linking my blog beautifully on his page really did give a great boost. You know, so touched. Aww. Haha.

Melaka trip with the g10s - although we had only one full day to spend, the trip couldn't be more accomplished. Took me a while to decide on how to blog about this. What with having two hundred over pictures in that Melaka folder on my desktop. Spent some time agonizing on whether to talk more about us, or about the food.

Well just to list down the food we had on that first day: curry laksa, curry puff, coconut puff, chicken rice ball, cendol, nyonya zhang, pork satay, durian cendol, portugese seafood, more more tea, satay celup, durian


We kicked start the day with curry laksa. It was sort of late breakfast. Of which we proceeded to lunch immediately after. No, i meant brunch. Oh well.

Oh god my face looks so fat. Belum makan also fat already.

This is us posing next to the Melaka Drain (Sungai Melaka). It wasn't very pleasant to the eyes.

Our walk soon lead us to the Dutch Square where the Stadthuys (sted-house, insists Yx) building was located. Apart from indulging in our extreme food escapade we did a lot of exercise too! Trudged up St. Pauls Hill to check out some historical sites.

More sampat pictures...

Debster and her pseudo-helmet.

Linking arms in front of the A Farmosa Fort? Sia-soi nya... I wonder whose brilliant idea was it.

This is the one food that deserves a picture on its own (sorry non halal haha). But everybody knows Debbi HATES pork. So when Debbi says this pork satay is good, it really is DAMN good.

We retired to Yx's very cosy home after the durian cendol at Tan Kim Hock's, watched a Disney movie, then headed out again to the Portugese Settlement for dinner.

Since all of us were debbitised and couldn't decide on what to order, table no. 1 became a reference for us. Think we had like 2 or 3 same dishes. Haha.

Our next stop was Jonker's Street. We're kinda lucky that they were having pasar malam that night too.

Guess who's who.

Our main objective that night was to drop by Geographer's Cafe - the place where one of the scene in er some canto movie was filmed. The girls were quite excited to try their signature more-more cha, which apparently was also featured in the movie. However when our drinks finally came and Mei Ann took a sip, i saw her face becoming more crumpled than an apple crumble. Then we each took a sip. Everyone became apple crumbles. We were sorely disappointed. In the end we had to play a game of ha?-meh ah? and the loser is forced to take a huge sip because finishing the drink became such a torture to everyone.

Everybody loves this picture. I fail to see why.

The place actually has pretty good decor. And since upstairs was fairly empty we did a lot of camwhoring around.

Can't stop laughing everytime i see this pic. Haha.

Now you see why?

Our last stop that night was for satay celup, which was also fantastic. Even though we tried to limit our portions at every restaurant we went to, we ended up rolling down to the car with our very satisfied tummies. The first sentence that came out of everyone the moment we got in our room was 'need to pang sai'. Haha.

Later that night came a very much anticipated surprise. Haha. Seriously, even as i was bathing i could hear you guys whispering in the backyard :)

I didn't expect the durian though. Oh a point to remember. If you want to use fruits as birthday cakes, never choose papayas (mok gua) or watermelons (xai gua) or any fruits that ends with -gua. Because gua = die. Suey la!

There was the obligatory cake (durian) feeding ceremony after that and we had fun drinking water from the durian husk (which apparently eliminates durian breath, says Mei Ann). Yes i'm not posting any pictures because i look horrible. Just had my bath before that remember? My hair was all over and i was wearing my ugly sleeping clothes. Even my mum says i look like hantoo. Wuuu...

We woke up pretty early the next day just to get a place in the very famous fish ball shop. Personally i thought it was just ok. Liked the duck noodles more. We ended our makan trip with nyonya food, which was for lunch and headed back to kl thereafter.

Couldn't thank Yx more for being a wonderful host, especially for driving us around :) Even now, typing this entry is enough to make me fly over to Melaka and gorge myself silly of all the satays, dumplings, cendols......

One of the very few group pics.


Sunday, September 21

I've always believed that what goes around comes around. That we would eventually be punished for our wrong-doings one way or another. We don’t always get what we want, things will not always be plain sailing, it takes two hands to clap. Nothing is ever perfect. In the search of satisfaction we often go out of the norm, transform into this other self, this evil other self in the hope to get things achieved. But little did we realize that some things are not meant to be foisted upon. I hate to hate people. But sometimes certain emotions are beyond our control.


Sunday, July 6

for everything counts.

No, the coconuts did not prompt me to post this.

Google analytics says I get an average of about 3 visitors a day. Hey, that's not so bad ok considering the fact that my blog has been collecting dust for the past 6 months. There were a few times I almost got myself to blog about something but it always end up the same; I'd open microsoft word, type a sentence or two, then thought 'ah, screw it.'. Thing is, I haven't updated for so long I don't even know where to start now.

I guess I should start with the present? EoS 5 is finally over! The past one month was crazy. My nerves had been in perpetual overdrive and I often find myself stuck in a crossfire of torture, tantrum and tears. The stress... There's always this constant voice in my head that keeps telling me to take a break and maybe just go for that movie Jon kept asking me to. But thank goodness each time conscience got the better of me and reminded me that I must finish the stack of notes which was supposed to be completed days ago. I'm happy now that I didn't go, otherwise I would have came home realising I'm lagging behind even more and would sink deeper into depression.

I'm having my 6 months break now. How cool is that? After of which I will be heading to Perth. Most of you would have already known that I got accepted into Western Australia, which isn't too bad come to think of it now. I wasn't so happy when it came to me at first, considering the fact that I missed my first choice and that all my friends would now be right at the opposite end of the continent. But all is good now. Thanks Pek Yiong and Loy Yang for being here (there? here? there? haha) to catch me whenever I fall. And Min too, for your leg.

Just like Min, I started to see expiry dates on everyone. Especially when my mum kept saying things like 'there's no one to help me fetch the boys anymore after you leave next year', or when Michelle asks 'what's going to happen to our mamak gang'. The thought of losing friends came. I've been telling myself to have some faith. I mean, when I first entered Taylor's I had this perception that those people are going to be my friends for just a year. But things turn out to be otherwise. I still keep in touch with both Pek Yiong and Jess until today. We would still bug each other throughout the year just to find out what the other wants for her birthday, and would frequently bitch just about anything, from nenens to didis to puttputts (ok now I know why Mei Ann calls me hamsap. SHUT UP! T_T). Things have always turned out fine eventually. But does 'fine' include the friends I have forgotten for the past 15 years? Shit.

I do have faith, but what kind?


Saturday, January 19

Things of late

I know I haven't updated for a long time - it's been like 4? 5 months? Can't even recall the last time I visited my own blog. Haha.

Happy new year! It's a little too late, but whatever. I think I shall blog about resolutions.

Before that, here's a mini update.

1. I've got a new toy! No it's not my ndsl :)

After agonizing about making the right choice for quite a while, I've finally made the huge decision to take up gu zheng lessons. HUGE decision because I didn't know gu zhengs cost that much. I kinda expected their prices to be about the same as guitars.

2. There's a new addition to the family.

Meet Snitch? We didn't really give time to think of a proper name. At least it's better than Sootty, or Betty, or Fugly.

3. Baked my first cake.

It was for my mum's birthday. All because i ter-announced to her a few months back that I was going to do so. Of which she went 'ah good good... make sure you do blablabla', you know how mothers can go on and on. I was cowed into obedience. Ahem, the cake was pretty good though. Almost half of it was gone within half an hour *snickers*

Wait wait. Must add emoticon.

4. ?

Now as for resolutions...

These were my 2007 resolutions. I've posted this some time last year.

1. Stop procrastinating. This is like an irreversible curse which seem to be stuck with me forever.
And it's still stuck with me. Can't help it you see. Am very much controlled by kemalasan (sounds like kemaluan).

2. No more lies. No more white lies, gray lies, fibs… Prevarications are fine *winks*.
An old friend once looked at me in the eyes and asked 'Debbi, come tell us the truth, have you lied to us before?'. Dumbstricken, I frowned thoughtfully and remained silent for a while, then answered, 'no'. It was then I realised that I never (if do, rarely) lie to my friends, but lied to my parents many times I could not count.

3. Exercise… a bit.
I don't think I exercised even once in that whole year.

4. Stop being so sensitive. I’ve always wanted things to go my way. I want this, must have it. Want that, must get it. It’s like I want whatever I want when I want it.
I still want things to go my way, damn it! But why do they not seem to be so??

5. Stop brooding over unnecessary things. I brood too much, hence the day dreams. I think I’ve allotted like half of my life just to day dream.
Still do.

6. Remember Debbi, don’t procrastinate. Don’t procrastinate...
yar yar...

7. Stop being a paranoid. Stop acting like a nosey parker. Stop calling my brothers idiots. Stop cursing drivers on the road. Stop being a glutton. Stop spending unnecessarily. Stop wasting so much time on the computer. Stop blogging.

Resolutions achieved = 0. It's bollocks I tell you. What's the point of making any when none could be accomplished? Besides, dreams are the opposite of reality. The more you talk about something you want, the more it drifts away from you. It's a jinx.

Yup, not gonna make any resolutions for 2008 ;-)


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