Saturday, October 10

Last night i had a dream that i was going shopping with mum. Probably the first time i've ever dreamt of home since i've been here. I know i haven't been updating much at all, because well, i guess really there's nothing to talk about? Life here isn't exactly all roses and sunshine. And each time i feel like saying something it'll be a whine - it goes to the private blog ahem. And i hate people that whine on their blogs. (oh, look what i am doing now). The past week had been a hell of an emotional roller coaster for myself. But what the heck, just suck it up debbi. Suck it up. Hmm what else... Psych exam came and go. I'm happy that i managed to pass, albeit only managed to scrape through. Schizophreniform killed me. Fark. It sucks that at present time all i'm aiming for is a pass. Whatever happened to the debbi that was pushing herself for the dean's list back then. Seriously this is making me feel slightly ill with terror. I'm drained. Right now we're just overcoming each hurdle as it comes. One at a time. I'm almost burnt out i must say.

I just wanna be home.


Sunday, July 26

I will miss you Rody.


Saturday, July 25

Lookie what came in the mail...

Choki choki. All the way from... Newcastle.


Thursday, May 7


Ella: Is that a cock or a hen?


Friday, May 1


I haven't laughed this much since i've been here. Seriously.

Now that everything is back to its usual bore i've never felt more homesick. And everything else just hits you right in the face like a big tight slap.


Wednesday, April 29

Humble abode:)


Tuesday, March 10


Think my blog will be flooded with birthday dedications from now on. Too lazy to blog about other stuff already. Haha.


Tuesday, February 24

Dear Concon

I was grinning from ear to ear in my room when itunes played tatu's all the things she said and this part came up... 'this is not enough... UUAK UUAK'. Hahaha.

I miss you con con!

Happy 22nd Birthday!
You ARE Twenty-two :)


Monday, February 2

Missing home

Sometimes skype makes me feel as if i've never left home.


Saturday, January 31


St. Georges is actually one of uwa's 5 residential colleges. I'm staying in Currie Hall (racist name, no? haha) at the moment, which sucks because there're so many cockroaches. And they provide only breakfast (i've been eating only coco pops every morning). And it's for 45 aud/night.

And to commemorate (haha) Ren's last night here in Perth we decided to have dinner together in Hogsbreath cafe. To me Hogsbreath seems like an equivalent to the Chilis we have back home. They're famous for their steaks though, which i think was really good. Drools. Ren here is my next door neighbour in Currie Hall from unsw and he has been here in perth for 2 months just for internship and some research thingy. When zyun and i first arrived in perth we were so lost and if it weren't for him we wouldn't be able to even find our first dinner here that day. It was nice meeting him really.

As for dessert, we went back to Pancakes at Carillon and had waffles and pancakes! They were absolutely delicious, just as the first one was. Give me 3 years, i'll eat everything on the menu eventually.


Thursday, January 29

oz oz oz oi oi oi

Monday (first day of cny) was coincidentally also Aussie day here. Took a bus down to the city with the sole purpose of watching the fireworks. We had like multiple australian flag tattoos all over us which i find funny, because back in malaysia even if you kill me also i'll never stick a jalur gemilang tattoo on my face. Ok maybe i would if you were going to kill me.

Anyway the whole tattoo thing was all just for fun. I'm not aussie-fied yet. Or angmo-fied as peggy says.


Wednesday, January 28

Scarborough beach + reunion dinner

To quote peggy...
Deb: the beach is damn pretty lor. when i came down from the bus i was like wahh... malaysia where got beach like that wan
Py: malaysia the beach u come down you'll go wattt not wahhh

It's true. The beach here is really beautiful. I didn't manage to take really cool pictures though. Some more my camera not that chio right.

It was reunion dinner the same night and we met up with the rest of the IMU people. It was also my first time spending cny away from home, and first time having pizza for reunion dinner?


Tuesday, January 27


Apparently bbqing is like an aussie thing here. Kings Park is about 30 minutes walk away from Currie Hall (where my temp accommodation is) and walking under the scorching sun was such a torment! Seriously i beh tahan not having a car :(

Oh, and those chicken chipolatas were damn good.


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