Tuesday, February 27

Lunar new year

The cny mood has pretty much died down for me. Holidays have been great, well, apart from the downside that we don't get to bai nian as much and collect as many ang paus because we were in Korea.

Just like every other year, we went to my grandpa's place to visit in the morning of the first day (初一) itself.

Left for Korea that night itself and came back on Friday.

I went out with Conrad and Michelle the next morning. The initial plan was to go karaoke-ing as it was Conrad's birthday but I wasn't feeling too good soon after we reached Leisure Mall. Actually had a near-syncope episode - first came the stomach discomfort, the nausea, the dimming of vision, then the cold sweat. Called my dad to pick me soon after that but I actually got a lot better just after sitting down. I'm wondering how the stomach discomfort could possibly led to the fainting spells.

Came home and slumped down on the bed, and later in the afternoon we went to Jonas's house to eat! It was actually quite fun - with the cats, board games, and firecrackers. Plus we had sweedish food for tea.

Why ban fireworks anyway?

Oh. Break The Safe's a nice game :)

I went around bai nian-ing with some friends on Sunday. We did a fair amount of travelling that day, and ate an obscene amount of various types of cookies. Could have taken pictures of them really but after seeing like 888,000 cookies I was getting kind of tired of them.

This year's angpau harvest: very little.


Monday, February 12

can't think of a title, yet

I've been trying to come out with ideas of how to blog about the past whole week. A lot has happened, there's so much to write, but it'll make this post too long-winded. Being lazy isn't helping either.

When i woke up on Wednesday morning, the first thing which came to my mind was that 'Loy Yang's leaving'. And it made me wonder - how much worse would I feel when it's my turn to leave. Both Loy Yang and Pek Yiong had left for Australia. Two very close friends. Two people I hang out a lot with.

I've been going out almost everyday since... last Friday. This week has been a comfortable retreat from the reality. I love holidays!

Went to Timesquare-Sungei Wang-Bintang Walk with Min on Friday. Yada yada yada. It was so long ago, i don't remember what happened. Haha. I wanted to join Loy Yang and geng at Starbucks after that but thought it was already too late at night. But seriously, I regretted not going ;)

And on Sunday, Tam suggested watching a movie at night. Since the meet up has to be that late, we decided to just settle for Leisure Mall which was the nearest. And LM only shows bout 4 or 5 movies a day. Watched Blood and Chocolate. Everyone agreed it was boring, I'd say it's a fairly mediocre head-kick of 4.5/10. As we thought it was still early after the movie has ended, Loys suggested mamak-ing in Steven's Corner before heading home.

I went to KLCC with Loy Yang and Michelle on Monday. Conrad was supposed to join too but couldn't make it because his hand was aching. Huh? Con, not only you owe Mic a 10-course meal, you owe me one too. It took a while to decide where to have lunch. Both Mic and I insisted on not having Chinese but we somehow ended up at Madam Kwans. We spent about 3 hours in the restaurant itself, had interesting conversations, and were in tucks of laughter. Took really nice pictures in Coffee Bean :)

Spent the whole day out on Tuesday. Woke up at 6 in the morning just to follow my mum to work as I was going to meet Pek Yiong in Ambank. Had breakfast in Starbucks, then headed straight to BB Plaza on the monorail to meet Jess. Kim Gary's for lunch, as usual - I've lost count of the number of times the three of us had chose to eat there.

TAI PEK YIONG! I'm still waiting for the pictures!

And in the night - we had this farewell thing in Sungai Long for Loy Yang. There were various cafes and restaurants at every nook and cranny of the place but we ended up in Halo cafe (lousy name). The prices here are a tad expensvie versus the average cafe but it's a great place to bring friends to. The service wasn't anything fantastic either. The drinks came in a jiffy while the snacks we've ordered took forever to come indicating their kitchen was obviously facing problems. But we had lots of fun, and I reached home after 2. Thank goodness my parents didn't say anything. And on that night alone, we took a whopping total of 179 pictures! Mostly crap though. Haha

Wednesday - KLIA. We were there to send Loy Yang off to Melbourne. Everyone was goggling at Loy Yang like he's suddenly the Dalai Lama. It wasn't entirely a difficult parting. Cameras, tears, hugs, wishes. You get the picture.

Went to Ikea and 1u with Min on Thursday. Finally watched The Holiday which Conrad kept harping about. But it didn't turn out to be as great as I had expected it to be. I'd give it a half-hearted 6.5/10. Haha.

Had my first karaoke experience on Friday with Conrad and Michelle. It was fun - with all the singing and Conrad doing silly acts. Actually brought my camera but forgot to change its battery. Sigh.

By this day, I was already on the brink of financial disgrace. I owe Michelle money. And still owe Min money too. My mum actually gave me extra to spend this month - like... 75% extra (for doing the donkey job of painting the porch). But it all just went 'poof!' in a matter of days.

So I chose to somewhat tone down the spendthrift side of me during the weekend -

We made cny cookies!

Michelle and Tam came to my place. It was pretty interesting. But they wrecked havoc in my kitchen, much to my dread.

There's this last outing though. Due to poor self-control, I agreed to go for dinner with Jon on Saturday night. Splurge splurge splurge. We went to Siu Wan Teng (Little Genting). This place's quite packed on Saturday night and like all ugly Malaysians, parking around the place was haphazard with some people double parking. The view was this pretty...

Actually got the picture off someone else's blog. I, on the other hand, am only capable of taking pictures like this:


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