Monday, August 6

i am going to post :)

I've posted this in my private blog much earlier. But anyway. Here's something for those of you who kept bugging me to update my blog. Haha.

I took a post as one of the secretariates in the hiv/tb conference, one to be responsible of the registration counter yesterday. Probably uncalled-for, but i first reckoned that it wouldn't be such a bad idea as it was going to be just a two-day sort of thing after all. Besides, i had no other plans in consideration. And on top of it all, they were paying a hundred bucks for each day! Plenty of plus points there, so we're set to go. I agreed to join, and work was to start on the 2nd of august.

Though i never once thought that this working experience was going to be entirely plain sailing, i somehow managed to deter the thoughts of having the possibilities of even the worst happening. That was until a few days prior to thursday that i started having nervous flutters, and thought that i might have taken a wrong leap in accepting the job. I wasn't all that gung ho about getting that extra pocket money anymore.

It went on nonetheless. We (that'd be con and i) had a briefing a day before the conference, everything didn't sound too bad, albeit a little complex and complicated, but yes, i convinced myself that things couldn't get any worse.

Even so, the kickoff on day one wasn't pleasing at all - we were bawled out for being late. I suppose i did not foresee that myself, but we did underestimate the traffic. 'No sorry-s' and whatnots, no explanations and excuses accepted, we proceeded to begin our respective duties. It was a bad day to begin with.

Oh well.

On the whole i guess the experience wasn't too bad. Tiny glitches were certain to pop up from time to time. Mix-ups, misconceptions, and blunders, both unavoidable and avoidable, arised both at the right times and wrong times. Right times being the moments the supervior wasn't having her eye on you - she has a tendency of being a nitpick. And as i tend to doubt myself oftentimes, i kind of placed myself in this vulnerable position where i was bound to be picked on. However, things started to assimilate slowly. I have gotten much familiar with the routine in a matter of hours. But, mistakes and chidings do come, still.

There is one major fact which i have come to realise after that two days of having to constantly deal with hordes of people. You have to be nasty at times. Lie because you were told. Ignore because you had to.

I couldn't help but to feel a little guilty. Who likes to be labelled as being mean?

Christina requested that both con and i come on saturday too because they needed the help. We said no :) Not that i mind doing it, but i guess i'm just lazy. Now i'm free again!


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