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Tuesday, April 3

So nostalgic

Actually snitched the idea for this post from several other blogs.

Remember how much these things used to be the fad many eons ago?

This autograph book was given to me as a present from my babysitter. And I've been using it from my late primary to early secondary years, back when having one of these things was considered cool.

And wayy before that (i suppose during my early primary days), biodata books used to be the en vogue. I could still remember just how comprehensive every detail has got to be. Apart from the normal name, DOB, fav food/drinks etc, we would even come to an extent of listing this:

- Normal friends:
- Good friends:
- Best friends:

Funny huh. I have no idea how I classified my friends into those categories back then. Or did i not?

My autograph book has Garfields on every page. Garfield! Do you know that carrying one of those merchandise at present time is like commiting the 14th deadly sin?!

Flipping through the pages brought back a lot of memories. So nostalgic!

And it's actually not surprising that the first person who signed this book was the Filipino maid we had years ago.

Got picture some more. Kindda freaks me out now.

Somehow the book was also passed on to the maid who lives opposite our house. And i noticed one similarity. Both hoped to be successful businesswomen in the future. Hm..

Next was this.

Mistake #1: my name. It's not DebbiE. Jeez. As i was browsing the book, I noticed that my name was actually spelt in numerous different ways. Debbi, Debbie, Debby, Chai Qijun etc. (no DebbOs or beddis) One of the teachers even called me 'Girl'. @#$% she obviously doesn't know my name. Quite a blatant one at that too!

Back to the autograph. Hope i will success in life? Uh huh. Who's the heck is Pn. Rosma anyway? Can't seem to recall. But something at the back of my head is telling me that she's an English teacher.

As usual, most of the people would write sentimental crap saying how much they treasure our friendship and would go as far as to attempt to assure me that I will never, ever, be forgotten.

I'm sure I would have conscientiously written the same corny stuff in other people's autograph books. It's very ironic, cuz as I was leafing through the book, I realised that I don't remember half of the people who left the messages (erm, mostly the Malay gals. probably it's because they all looked the same. harhar).

That was Izyan's. She's one friend I definately won't forget :)

Next would be this. It's by a Japanese girl who was in our class for some student's exchange programme thingy.

I have yet to discover what those Japanese letters actually meant.


Moving on.

I also noticed that A LOT of my friends hoped to be lawyers in the future, many of whom are currently pursuing other courses at the moment.

One of them wanted ME to be a lawyer.


Conrad stated that he wants to be a biochemist, and he is currently tightly set on komunikasi, i meant mass comm, instead. My cousin said she wants to be a 'gradegrandmother'. That is SO cute!

Kiat Hwa! What happened? We could have been going to uni and studying together right now!

Not to forget, I was once cursed to get only 5As in every exam. Thank goodness I had more than that for both PMR and SPM.

My, I really miss those days.

And last but not least, Loy Yang's :)



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