Tuesday, December 30


Was rummaging in one of those huge boxes in my room the other day and here's what i found. Old pics. Was contemplating whether i should bring them to oz but i figured that they're not worth the.. weight? Haha. So i went to Jon's place to have them scanned instead.

This was primary 6. One buck for guessing which is me.

And form 3 i think? The guys look so different now. Conrad you look so.. (haha jangan bunuh saya!)

Then there were all the crazy pss pics as well.

Kinda miss those days now :)


Wednesday, December 24


Whee! I will be off to the land of lionbluff in a few hours.

On sms yesterday.
Deb: Tam bringing 500 sgd wor. Help me get 500 sgd la, justin case. I'll give you back the balance when i come home.
Mum: Does her 500 include hotel?
Deb: I think so. 500 should be enough for hotel as well. Just don't shop lor.
Mum: Yeah, you can get the latest fad in kl, taman midah.
Deb: Very funny...

Well 500 sgd is already 1.2 or 1.3k rm. So sakit hati. So next time if you want to go travelling, consider places like indon and you can go there as a millionaire. Haha.

Will be back on friday :)


Sunday, December 21


There is something really wrong with this pic.

MY hair! Yeah so long makes me look like orang gila. HAHA.

This is quite a backdated post, wanted to post it earlier but i couldn't get hold of the pics. Actually decided not to blog about it already, but since Pek Yiong wants me to i guess i should just do it yeah. Plus it's kinda her birthday thing yeah. Haha.

My 'haha's are starting to infect my blog now.

Anyway back to Genji. Our initial plan was to try their japanese buffet which seems to be getting a lot of good reviews but unfortunately it's only available during the weekends. Sigh. So we had no choice but to resort to their ala carte menu.

Soft shell crab temaki. It would have been perfect if it wasn't for its seaweed which was so limp and difficult to tear off. Watching Pek Yiong attempt in biting off the temaki was like watching Animal Planet.

This is the set i ordered. Teppan-fried chicken teriyaki with spicy ginger sauce. I made that up. Haha.

Pek Yiong ordered a bento set. No pic coz she forgot to take one. Hmph!

Us. I wonder why photos are always taken when i'm bukaing my purse. Agh shit, i think i'm becoming fatter. My face! Ah bui...

Then there's always the obligatory sampat moment. Pics weren't really nice. Because the lighting sucks. Because Pek Yiong's sony wouldn't stop vibrating. Because everyone else in the hotel were staring at us. But we tried anyway.

First shot.


*more giggles*

Py: What's wrong with you?
Bi: I don't know, i cannot stop laughing. Every time i want to take you keep touching your hair, pulling your shirt etc. Damn funny la.
Py: -.-"

Pek Yiong came over to stay at my place that night and by the time we reached my place it was already almost 10. Didn't really do anything as we were both too tired so we just slumped down on the sofa and chatted and chatted till we fell asleep.


Thursday, December 18


Debbi is (ala facebook) eating cny cookies now *yum* These are my cny must-haves: peanut cookies. My mum ordered them earlier especially for me since i will not be here to celebrate the upcoming cny. So touched :') You know how we always get so jelak of cny tidbits every year because we'd be consuming such an obscene amount of various type of cookies after all those house visits? I wish i could go through that again. Next year. Wuu...

On another note i just got my letter of good conduct done. FINALLY huh? That's what procrastination does to me. And the sbs pengetua, for ffk-ing me so many times. Here's what she wrote for me...

Yearh, like you know that i'm active and yada yada. But thanks anyway. Haha.

Glad everything's settled now. Just need to start packing... soon...


Sunday, December 14


I'm now taking a break from sorting out all the 2008 pictures. Seriously they're driving me nuts. Many of them have duplicates with different names and argh they're just appearing everywhere in random folders *pulls hair* Anyway, I've had all my documents and movies etc transferred from the desktop to my external hdd - part of preparation for oz, about a month left now :( and i've just noticed how i have this tendency to write blogspots on microsoft word and never ended up finishing them. Here are just some excerpts. And a lot of them were given the subject 'emo'. wth? My life must have been really sad.

We’ve attempted to call several hotels most of which led to nothing but disappointment.

The committee nearly settled for Equitorial Bangi until we saw their sucky ballroom. Besides, all of us didn’t quite like gutsy girl Jolene. So we went home with a plunge of despair and the RM 5000 cheque safe in hand.

When I first found out that my preparation for both exams would clash one another, the immediate thought which came to my mind was that I would focus on the uni exam itself, and piano will come second.

Trust. I have problems trusting people. No. Seriously. And this came by after some lil issue which I still, now, obviously, haven’t completely let go of. You know who you are, I thank you, and I forgive you.

Shitz. A new line of perfume we just came up with. It’s splendid, I must say. Although the picture will probably make us all look like cheapos...

The language of love
You’re in the middle of a serious conversation with a friend and out of the blue your phone beeps. It’s a message from him. Your mind immediately goes into screensaver mood; you think about the contents of the message, yet still pretend to be in the conversation you’re no longer listening to.

The last one is damn corny. Must be something out of one of the chick lits. 35 more days now. Yeah i'm already starting to count down. Even my huge-ass suitcase is already in my room just waiting to be stuffed with clothes and clothes and clothes. EMO.


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