Sunday, December 14


I'm now taking a break from sorting out all the 2008 pictures. Seriously they're driving me nuts. Many of them have duplicates with different names and argh they're just appearing everywhere in random folders *pulls hair* Anyway, I've had all my documents and movies etc transferred from the desktop to my external hdd - part of preparation for oz, about a month left now :( and i've just noticed how i have this tendency to write blogspots on microsoft word and never ended up finishing them. Here are just some excerpts. And a lot of them were given the subject 'emo'. wth? My life must have been really sad.

We’ve attempted to call several hotels most of which led to nothing but disappointment.

The committee nearly settled for Equitorial Bangi until we saw their sucky ballroom. Besides, all of us didn’t quite like gutsy girl Jolene. So we went home with a plunge of despair and the RM 5000 cheque safe in hand.

When I first found out that my preparation for both exams would clash one another, the immediate thought which came to my mind was that I would focus on the uni exam itself, and piano will come second.

Trust. I have problems trusting people. No. Seriously. And this came by after some lil issue which I still, now, obviously, haven’t completely let go of. You know who you are, I thank you, and I forgive you.

Shitz. A new line of perfume we just came up with. It’s splendid, I must say. Although the picture will probably make us all look like cheapos...

The language of love
You’re in the middle of a serious conversation with a friend and out of the blue your phone beeps. It’s a message from him. Your mind immediately goes into screensaver mood; you think about the contents of the message, yet still pretend to be in the conversation you’re no longer listening to.

The last one is damn corny. Must be something out of one of the chick lits. 35 more days now. Yeah i'm already starting to count down. Even my huge-ass suitcase is already in my room just waiting to be stuffed with clothes and clothes and clothes. EMO.


Zzzyun 12/14/2008 11:30 AM  

oh no i even emo now... coz i think like lost a lot of my precious photos when transfering them from 1 laptop to the other! i wonder is there anyway to recover them?? =(

anyway. i havent gotten my big ass luggage bag, waiting for xmas promotions! and oh, is it really 35 days left? hmm...

debbi 12/18/2008 8:48 PM  

I'm using an old luggage bag and it's already heavy without any contents! screams! Hope you've managed to recover your photos :)

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