Saturday, October 11


Well i hate this template. Changed it because the old one apparently had problems with the comments link. Don't know why, and i don't know how to fix it. I can probably just tweak some things in the html a bit, but unfortunately i don't know how to do that also. So ma fan. Sigh.

This is actually quite a backdated post. Wrote it quite some time ago, but just never got round to finish it.

Mic and i were supposed to attend a halloween party in ucsi a few weeks back. But... just as we arrived at the entrance, Con broke the news that something happened and they were forced to cancel the party. There was a moment of awkward silence, then i went on asking if he was kidding. Apparently not! Most of us thought it was some Halloween prank they were trying to play on us. So it was cancelled. Our excitement over the past few days/weeks has evaporated (more like Con's excitement; it was just eh for me haha). Thank goodness we didn't bother to dress too elaborately otherwise everything would have gone to waste.

This is the only pic the three of us took together. It's kinda nice really. But i didn't look nice. Explains the face.

Since we were already out the few of us decided to walk to the cafe nearby to have dinner. This is then followed by mamak with Con and Mic. Although the get-together was rather short we kept bursting into tucks of laughter and seriously, i haven't laughed so much in a long time. Yes, life pretty much sucked these days yada yada.

Just last week i was complaining how much i wish i am already in Australia studying. But hanging out with these people just make me don't want to leave anymore. I don't wanna leave anymore. . . And the other day my brother was trying to estimate how long it would take for his torrent to finish downloading. Since it has been going at about 1%/day i said it'll probably take a hundred days. He then said "a hundred? you also won't be here already by then" It was only then that i come to realise that 18th Jan is looming closer now. Nooo......

By the bye, the party got cancelled because... dot dot. There was a... dot dot. I'm not sure if i can tell? Ok there was a fire. A fire wth. Imagine a fire in imu. Haha.

Come Sunday Yx and i decided to pay the Seremban folks a visit. The whole thing was a pleasant getaway especially from all the housework i've been forced to do lately *whine whine* and it was also nice to finally meet up with Yx and Meg. Went to the movies in the afternoon, and it was the first time ever i've been to the cinema clad in very short shorts. Was freezing like crazy but luckily i had a jacket in my car. It was really nice of Kaj and De Jun to show us around after that. Visited a few houses, even invaded Mei Ann's study group, stayed the night and we left the next morning.


Min 10/26/2008 8:31 AM  

I concur. The template is hideous. No character whatsoever.Haha! Love the picture with the breaklights. At first glance, thought the light was shinning on ur pitch fork- you little devil you.


debbi 10/26/2008 11:28 AM  

Haha, that's what we were all saying about that picture too.

And i couldn't change the template last night. Some error kept coming up. So i'm stuck with this in the process of try-outs. Sigh.

Min 10/28/2008 7:29 AM  

Lolz. You're reverting to the old one back? Sigh. If you go to my blog, at the bottom is the address on where I got mine. Seriosly, they have some really nice ones there. I was forced to choose my current one because there isnt any other with width wider than 600px.

debbi 10/28/2008 1:54 PM  

I'm sure i tried going to your page. No nice ones i guess. Haha. Anyway the website i went to has YOUR template as well. lol.

honeypooh 10/29/2008 8:46 PM  


debbi 10/29/2008 10:29 PM  

What fat horns? You horny ha now
You like the horns so much i give you when you come back lah. Haha

honeypooh 11/01/2008 2:25 AM  

no need lah...
u horny urself can dy....
u noe i can hiao myself here....
its ok...

Zzzyun 11/02/2008 3:03 PM  

lol. ur frenz have really nice costumes on! cool..

haha i think im having the same thing as u. feel like starting clinicals, hoping 18 jan will come sooner but then on the other hand, feel abit disoriented when i think abt the day when i hvta leave msia to a foreign country with foreign ppl..sigh

Min 11/13/2008 10:05 AM  

Time for an update. Tic toc tic toc...

Min 11/19/2008 11:19 AM  
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Min 11/19/2008 11:21 AM  

Not bad what the template. And you were making such a big fuss out of it. AND *whispers* it's green. Haha

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