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Jul 08: Melaka Trip

Finally. A proper proper post. I realised that all it takes to get myself to blog is to publish an emo post, which will get me all gung ho to write the next happy post so as to conceal the previous pathetic one. Haha. And Min's idea of linking my blog beautifully on his page really did give a great boost. You know, so touched. Aww. Haha.

Melaka trip with the g10s - although we had only one full day to spend, the trip couldn't be more accomplished. Took me a while to decide on how to blog about this. What with having two hundred over pictures in that Melaka folder on my desktop. Spent some time agonizing on whether to talk more about us, or about the food.

Well just to list down the food we had on that first day: curry laksa, curry puff, coconut puff, chicken rice ball, cendol, nyonya zhang, pork satay, durian cendol, portugese seafood, more more tea, satay celup, durian


We kicked start the day with curry laksa. It was sort of late breakfast. Of which we proceeded to lunch immediately after. No, i meant brunch. Oh well.

Oh god my face looks so fat. Belum makan also fat already.

This is us posing next to the Melaka Drain (Sungai Melaka). It wasn't very pleasant to the eyes.

Our walk soon lead us to the Dutch Square where the Stadthuys (sted-house, insists Yx) building was located. Apart from indulging in our extreme food escapade we did a lot of exercise too! Trudged up St. Pauls Hill to check out some historical sites.

More sampat pictures...

Debster and her pseudo-helmet.

Linking arms in front of the A Farmosa Fort? Sia-soi nya... I wonder whose brilliant idea was it.

This is the one food that deserves a picture on its own (sorry non halal haha). But everybody knows Debbi HATES pork. So when Debbi says this pork satay is good, it really is DAMN good.

We retired to Yx's very cosy home after the durian cendol at Tan Kim Hock's, watched a Disney movie, then headed out again to the Portugese Settlement for dinner.

Since all of us were debbitised and couldn't decide on what to order, table no. 1 became a reference for us. Think we had like 2 or 3 same dishes. Haha.

Our next stop was Jonker's Street. We're kinda lucky that they were having pasar malam that night too.

Guess who's who.

Our main objective that night was to drop by Geographer's Cafe - the place where one of the scene in er some canto movie was filmed. The girls were quite excited to try their signature more-more cha, which apparently was also featured in the movie. However when our drinks finally came and Mei Ann took a sip, i saw her face becoming more crumpled than an apple crumble. Then we each took a sip. Everyone became apple crumbles. We were sorely disappointed. In the end we had to play a game of ha?-meh ah? and the loser is forced to take a huge sip because finishing the drink became such a torture to everyone.

Everybody loves this picture. I fail to see why.

The place actually has pretty good decor. And since upstairs was fairly empty we did a lot of camwhoring around.

Can't stop laughing everytime i see this pic. Haha.

Now you see why?

Our last stop that night was for satay celup, which was also fantastic. Even though we tried to limit our portions at every restaurant we went to, we ended up rolling down to the car with our very satisfied tummies. The first sentence that came out of everyone the moment we got in our room was 'need to pang sai'. Haha.

Later that night came a very much anticipated surprise. Haha. Seriously, even as i was bathing i could hear you guys whispering in the backyard :)

I didn't expect the durian though. Oh a point to remember. If you want to use fruits as birthday cakes, never choose papayas (mok gua) or watermelons (xai gua) or any fruits that ends with -gua. Because gua = die. Suey la!

There was the obligatory cake (durian) feeding ceremony after that and we had fun drinking water from the durian husk (which apparently eliminates durian breath, says Mei Ann). Yes i'm not posting any pictures because i look horrible. Just had my bath before that remember? My hair was all over and i was wearing my ugly sleeping clothes. Even my mum says i look like hantoo. Wuuu...

We woke up pretty early the next day just to get a place in the very famous fish ball shop. Personally i thought it was just ok. Liked the duck noodles more. We ended our makan trip with nyonya food, which was for lunch and headed back to kl thereafter.

Couldn't thank Yx more for being a wonderful host, especially for driving us around :) Even now, typing this entry is enough to make me fly over to Melaka and gorge myself silly of all the satays, dumplings, cendols......

One of the very few group pics.


CyRu5 10/10/2008 7:53 PM  

the first few pictures i saw... eh... how they take the pics ar?? all 4 of them are in it... tak kan put timer rite?? tak kan ask stranger to take also... if not won't pose all those sampat poses... finally saw got another guy... haha...

Min 10/11/2008 4:34 AM  

You were cutting it close to the deadline dear. Dont think I don't remember. Next update in 2 weeks; the same cruel and kejam threats apply. Haha!

LMAO, the yx pic! Damn hillarious. His seluar oso like AB one. Actually, he looks like an AB who just realized that's he an AB. *smirks*

You start to PS ur pictures ah? Some of them looks quite nice.

Haiz, miss Mly food. *roarrrr*

debbi 10/12/2008 11:09 AM  

Cyrus: Yeah that guy doesn't like to be in photos. So we untung la hahaha

Min: Nola i don't know how to ps. Haha. Nothing to write about already. Bored. Argh everything sucks.

Min 10/12/2008 7:33 PM  

Lolz. There's always something to write. You can write about how bored u r. That'll be something.

Zzzyun 10/20/2008 5:42 PM  

haha i was guessing that the YX mentioned in the post must be York Xiong! but then kinda wondering why din see him in pics..until the last few ones.

btw i really laughed when i saw the 2 similar pics! really all sama position and pose wan.. u guys purposely imitated it right?

ps: haha yalah blog more lo. so i can get to know u better. =) now i know u tak suka pork lo haha...

debbi 10/24/2008 12:33 AM  

Lol yeah purposely imitated it. Even switched positions and all, but that was the best shot among all.

And min and zyun, i'll try to blog. I'm trying, really! :p

Min 10/25/2008 8:12 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Min 10/25/2008 8:13 AM  

Changing your template does not constitute as blogging. Time's running up. Ultimatum ultimatum!!

debbi 10/25/2008 11:32 AM  

I hate this template.

And so long as i don't find the perfect one, i will never start blogging. Haha

han ying,  10/28/2008 6:43 AM  

I miss our melaka trip!! and fooood!!! *droooools* miss u guys :')

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