Monday, August 6

i am going to post :)

I've posted this in my private blog much earlier. But anyway. Here's something for those of you who kept bugging me to update my blog. Haha.

I took a post as one of the secretariates in the hiv/tb conference, one to be responsible of the registration counter yesterday. Probably uncalled-for, but i first reckoned that it wouldn't be such a bad idea as it was going to be just a two-day sort of thing after all. Besides, i had no other plans in consideration. And on top of it all, they were paying a hundred bucks for each day! Plenty of plus points there, so we're set to go. I agreed to join, and work was to start on the 2nd of august.

Though i never once thought that this working experience was going to be entirely plain sailing, i somehow managed to deter the thoughts of having the possibilities of even the worst happening. That was until a few days prior to thursday that i started having nervous flutters, and thought that i might have taken a wrong leap in accepting the job. I wasn't all that gung ho about getting that extra pocket money anymore.

It went on nonetheless. We (that'd be con and i) had a briefing a day before the conference, everything didn't sound too bad, albeit a little complex and complicated, but yes, i convinced myself that things couldn't get any worse.

Even so, the kickoff on day one wasn't pleasing at all - we were bawled out for being late. I suppose i did not foresee that myself, but we did underestimate the traffic. 'No sorry-s' and whatnots, no explanations and excuses accepted, we proceeded to begin our respective duties. It was a bad day to begin with.

Oh well.

On the whole i guess the experience wasn't too bad. Tiny glitches were certain to pop up from time to time. Mix-ups, misconceptions, and blunders, both unavoidable and avoidable, arised both at the right times and wrong times. Right times being the moments the supervior wasn't having her eye on you - she has a tendency of being a nitpick. And as i tend to doubt myself oftentimes, i kind of placed myself in this vulnerable position where i was bound to be picked on. However, things started to assimilate slowly. I have gotten much familiar with the routine in a matter of hours. But, mistakes and chidings do come, still.

There is one major fact which i have come to realise after that two days of having to constantly deal with hordes of people. You have to be nasty at times. Lie because you were told. Ignore because you had to.

I couldn't help but to feel a little guilty. Who likes to be labelled as being mean?

Christina requested that both con and i come on saturday too because they needed the help. We said no :) Not that i mind doing it, but i guess i'm just lazy. Now i'm free again!


Monday, July 16


I received a parcel from aust today.

Thanks payung paik yong :) muacks!


Sunday, June 17

Father's day

Happy father's day.


Saturday, June 9

Was having this conversation with roons the other day, and there was this one reply which got me into that posture of deep thought.

Badawi is getting married. Many of us feel disgusted because he is old. Like why not he go pray and think about heaven and hell instead of getting sex. very stereotypical no?

Sometimes we forget that they’re human too.


Friday, April 27

kemahiran hidup

suka bagi duit?


Tuesday, April 3

So nostalgic

Actually snitched the idea for this post from several other blogs.

Remember how much these things used to be the fad many eons ago?

This autograph book was given to me as a present from my babysitter. And I've been using it from my late primary to early secondary years, back when having one of these things was considered cool.

And wayy before that (i suppose during my early primary days), biodata books used to be the en vogue. I could still remember just how comprehensive every detail has got to be. Apart from the normal name, DOB, fav food/drinks etc, we would even come to an extent of listing this:

- Normal friends:
- Good friends:
- Best friends:

Funny huh. I have no idea how I classified my friends into those categories back then. Or did i not?

My autograph book has Garfields on every page. Garfield! Do you know that carrying one of those merchandise at present time is like commiting the 14th deadly sin?!

Flipping through the pages brought back a lot of memories. So nostalgic!

And it's actually not surprising that the first person who signed this book was the Filipino maid we had years ago.

Got picture some more. Kindda freaks me out now.

Somehow the book was also passed on to the maid who lives opposite our house. And i noticed one similarity. Both hoped to be successful businesswomen in the future. Hm..

Next was this.

Mistake #1: my name. It's not DebbiE. Jeez. As i was browsing the book, I noticed that my name was actually spelt in numerous different ways. Debbi, Debbie, Debby, Chai Qijun etc. (no DebbOs or beddis) One of the teachers even called me 'Girl'. @#$% she obviously doesn't know my name. Quite a blatant one at that too!

Back to the autograph. Hope i will success in life? Uh huh. Who's the heck is Pn. Rosma anyway? Can't seem to recall. But something at the back of my head is telling me that she's an English teacher.

As usual, most of the people would write sentimental crap saying how much they treasure our friendship and would go as far as to attempt to assure me that I will never, ever, be forgotten.

I'm sure I would have conscientiously written the same corny stuff in other people's autograph books. It's very ironic, cuz as I was leafing through the book, I realised that I don't remember half of the people who left the messages (erm, mostly the Malay gals. probably it's because they all looked the same. harhar).

That was Izyan's. She's one friend I definately won't forget :)

Next would be this. It's by a Japanese girl who was in our class for some student's exchange programme thingy.

I have yet to discover what those Japanese letters actually meant.


Moving on.

I also noticed that A LOT of my friends hoped to be lawyers in the future, many of whom are currently pursuing other courses at the moment.

One of them wanted ME to be a lawyer.


Conrad stated that he wants to be a biochemist, and he is currently tightly set on komunikasi, i meant mass comm, instead. My cousin said she wants to be a 'gradegrandmother'. That is SO cute!

Kiat Hwa! What happened? We could have been going to uni and studying together right now!

Not to forget, I was once cursed to get only 5As in every exam. Thank goodness I had more than that for both PMR and SPM.

My, I really miss those days.

And last but not least, Loy Yang's :)



Saturday, March 31

Denzel's 10th


I just realised. I'm going to be 20 this year. 20! ergh!


Tuesday, March 27

Korea (2)

Finally. But I’ll just mention some of the places we’ve visited in Korea. It's boring anyway. I mean this post. Not the trip. Trip was fantastic :)

Korean War Memorial. Korean history mainly revolves around the Cold War, which resulted in the senseless loss of lives and the separation of Korea into 2 entities - North and South. This outdoor exhibition center mainly displays numerous tanks and field artillery used during the war. It was quite an insightful visit (well, actually no), except for that I’m not a huge fan of war or war relics for that matter.

The statue of brothers. Seen Taegukgi? It’s a good movie. The story depicts two brothers separated during the war and later met each other by chance on the battlefield while fighting for opposite sides.

Vivaldi Park. We went skiing in the afternoon and stayed in the ski resort for that night itself. Personally, I think this was the highlight of the whole trip. Skiing AND Nanta, both of which I totally enjoyed. Trying to get the hang of skiing wasn’t actually as hard as learning how to skate on ice. Although trudging up the hill was hell as all the bulky skiing equipment has to be shouldered up as well, schussing downhill was so much fun. This park has several slopes with various steepness that will satisfy the needs of novice to expert skiers, but we only managed to ski on the beginner's slope, of course.

NANTA! - literally meaning random drum-beats, was the most entertaining live play / performance I had ever seen. Was practically laughing all the way. This a non-verbal percussion performance tells of three crazy chefs and a mischievous assistant who were assigned to prepare a major wedding banquet within a strict time limit. And these performers create thunderous beats with all kinds of cooking utensils including pans, knives, spoons, garbage cans and anything you can possibly find in the kitchen. I think they've also performed in Genting once.

Daepohang Fish Market. We were told that the place has over 100 species of fresh seafood, all live! Honestly, I don't think there were over 100, 50 seems more plausible but over 100 shapes and sizes, of course. And all of them are meant to be eaten raw. It was pretty apparent that none of us had the guts to try them but our tour guide insisted on getting a packet of squid sashimi just to let us try. And surprisingly, it tasted good. Raw sotong.

Eating live octopus is a delicacy in Korea and it is something that I would probably want to try someday.

This video shows how tricky it can be to take in one of those… WATCH IT! So geli!

It's all wiggly... and jiggly...

Kimchi Factory. We were first briefed on how kimchi is made and had the opportunity to experience making it ourselves. After of which we were given the chance to clown around in the traditional costumes.

Mount Seoraksan's National Park. This visit was nothing like the Taman Negara trip. Haha. The national park is located on Mount Seoraksan which was a 3-hour scenic bus ride from Seoul. Apart from looking at sceneries and monuments there was nothing much to shout about. There's also another attraction at the back of its hillside - the Shinhungsa Temple.

As for the accomodation:

We spent 2 nights in 2 different resorts, both of the same concept - the ondol suite, which has the Korean style bedroom. It was a pretty interesting experience. The bedrooms have traditional underfloor heating system called the ondol, where we spread out thin mattresses at night.

And the cuisine:

Some of the meals we had were full-course meals eaten on the floor as per culinary tradition in Korea. Traditional Korean meals are notable for the number of side dishes (banchan) that accompany the ubiquitous steam-cooked short-grain rice and soup. The most common banchan served would be Kimchi. A Korean meal is never complete without Kimchi, a mixture of various pickled vegetables. And as Koreans are proud to brag, it is claimed to be one of the healthiest foods in the world.

There were also restaurants where thin slices of meat are cooked at the center of the table over a charcoal grill, surrounded by various banchan and individual rice bowls. It's almost like a barbeque steamboat. And that you come out of the restaurant with your clothes smelling like imu's cafeteria.

Bibimbap (mixed rice) comprise rice topped with vegetables, beef and egg, and served with a dollop of chili pepper paste. It is served in a heated stone bowl, in which a raw egg is cooked against the sides of the bowl. Everything is then stirred together in one large bowl and eaten with a spoon.

When I first saw that raw gooey egg yolk topping the whole thing I thought I wasn't going to even taste my food.

After mixing everything became a soggy mess. I ate, but didn't finish the food. Maybe it was spoon-licking good afterall for some of us left nary a grain of rice in the humungous bowl. How could they do that. We were going to ski right after that meal, you know.

Samgyetang (chicken ginseng soup), is a Korean soup-based dish. It is basically a whole young chicken stuffed with glutinous rice and boiled in a broth of Korean ginseng, dried jujube fruit, garlic, and ginger. Sounds healthy.

I've been thinking of a conclusion for this but unfortunately can't come out of any. Alright, this has taken up more than 5 minutes of my time. Ergh! Sod it. Shall just publish the thing :)


Sunday, March 25

It's congested contagious!

Went for the buffet lunch in Legend Hotel today. It's Michelle cow cow cow Kow's birthday! Was fun, we were in hysterics most of the time, thanks to Michelle and her blurness :)

I didn't take any pictures while we were eating, because well I was busy eating.

We ate till we could eat no more, then took the train to Timesquare. Only had time for a game of bowling and it was already time for us to leave.

Time to hit the books again. zzz.

oh, Denzel is turning 10 this saturday!


Wednesday, March 21


Do you know that...

  • Samsung is composed of over 70 South Korean businesses, one of them being Samsung Electronics which everyone knows. They manufacture electronics, chemicals, ships, textiles, food, run hotels, amusement parks, construct skyscrapers etc. Yes, you do see a lot of Samsung cars around in Korea.

  • Speaking of cars, you'll notice like 90% of the road-users driving local Korean cars. It's like having a whole lot of Protons and Peroduas on the roads.

  • Every local speaks the Korean language in Korea. Even signboards and menus are written in their language (Hangeul), which obviously do not appear to cater to tourists at all. Language barriers would be any foreigner's major challenge. Those kimchis must be really proud of their language.

  • Bae Yong Joon who acts in Winter Sonata apparently has a very nasty attitude! (aww, yenny)

  • There are about 20 casinos located around South Korea but only one of them is open to Koreans. Yup, Koreans are literally being refrained from gambling by the government. The remaining casinos are open only to foreigners.

  • Things in Korea are wayy too pricey. A plate of spaghetti would cost you about 10,000 won, which's about 40 ringgit. We did some last minute shopping before we headed to the airport. A small shopping basket containing several boxes of tidbits and we had to shell out almost RM 300. All that just for biscuits and seaweeds.

  • You don't see any stray dogs in Korea (not even one!). And that's because Koreans love dog meat. It's apparently the most expensive meat in Korea.

  • Very funny. That's the traditional Korean costume. The dress's called the hanbok, no idea what the guys' are called. It's normal to see Koreans in the public wearing these traditional apparels, more so on festive days. By contrast, we hardly see us chinese clad in cheongsams at any time of the year.

  • I know, I haven't posted anything on the trip yet. Been really busy lately pbl pbl csu study study. Can't even find time to watch 300, which's ergh! depressing.


    Wednesday, March 7

    Happy b'day pypypypypy

    Someone's turning twen-tee already. Haha. Have fun morphing into an ah mu in the land down under! Glad Newcastle loves you so much that they're hosting a naked bike ride just for your birthday! (wohoo!)


    Tuesday, February 27

    Lunar new year

    The cny mood has pretty much died down for me. Holidays have been great, well, apart from the downside that we don't get to bai nian as much and collect as many ang paus because we were in Korea.

    Just like every other year, we went to my grandpa's place to visit in the morning of the first day (初一) itself.

    Left for Korea that night itself and came back on Friday.

    I went out with Conrad and Michelle the next morning. The initial plan was to go karaoke-ing as it was Conrad's birthday but I wasn't feeling too good soon after we reached Leisure Mall. Actually had a near-syncope episode - first came the stomach discomfort, the nausea, the dimming of vision, then the cold sweat. Called my dad to pick me soon after that but I actually got a lot better just after sitting down. I'm wondering how the stomach discomfort could possibly led to the fainting spells.

    Came home and slumped down on the bed, and later in the afternoon we went to Jonas's house to eat! It was actually quite fun - with the cats, board games, and firecrackers. Plus we had sweedish food for tea.

    Why ban fireworks anyway?

    Oh. Break The Safe's a nice game :)

    I went around bai nian-ing with some friends on Sunday. We did a fair amount of travelling that day, and ate an obscene amount of various types of cookies. Could have taken pictures of them really but after seeing like 888,000 cookies I was getting kind of tired of them.

    This year's angpau harvest: very little.


    Monday, February 12

    can't think of a title, yet

    I've been trying to come out with ideas of how to blog about the past whole week. A lot has happened, there's so much to write, but it'll make this post too long-winded. Being lazy isn't helping either.

    When i woke up on Wednesday morning, the first thing which came to my mind was that 'Loy Yang's leaving'. And it made me wonder - how much worse would I feel when it's my turn to leave. Both Loy Yang and Pek Yiong had left for Australia. Two very close friends. Two people I hang out a lot with.

    I've been going out almost everyday since... last Friday. This week has been a comfortable retreat from the reality. I love holidays!

    Went to Timesquare-Sungei Wang-Bintang Walk with Min on Friday. Yada yada yada. It was so long ago, i don't remember what happened. Haha. I wanted to join Loy Yang and geng at Starbucks after that but thought it was already too late at night. But seriously, I regretted not going ;)

    And on Sunday, Tam suggested watching a movie at night. Since the meet up has to be that late, we decided to just settle for Leisure Mall which was the nearest. And LM only shows bout 4 or 5 movies a day. Watched Blood and Chocolate. Everyone agreed it was boring, I'd say it's a fairly mediocre head-kick of 4.5/10. As we thought it was still early after the movie has ended, Loys suggested mamak-ing in Steven's Corner before heading home.

    I went to KLCC with Loy Yang and Michelle on Monday. Conrad was supposed to join too but couldn't make it because his hand was aching. Huh? Con, not only you owe Mic a 10-course meal, you owe me one too. It took a while to decide where to have lunch. Both Mic and I insisted on not having Chinese but we somehow ended up at Madam Kwans. We spent about 3 hours in the restaurant itself, had interesting conversations, and were in tucks of laughter. Took really nice pictures in Coffee Bean :)

    Spent the whole day out on Tuesday. Woke up at 6 in the morning just to follow my mum to work as I was going to meet Pek Yiong in Ambank. Had breakfast in Starbucks, then headed straight to BB Plaza on the monorail to meet Jess. Kim Gary's for lunch, as usual - I've lost count of the number of times the three of us had chose to eat there.

    TAI PEK YIONG! I'm still waiting for the pictures!

    And in the night - we had this farewell thing in Sungai Long for Loy Yang. There were various cafes and restaurants at every nook and cranny of the place but we ended up in Halo cafe (lousy name). The prices here are a tad expensvie versus the average cafe but it's a great place to bring friends to. The service wasn't anything fantastic either. The drinks came in a jiffy while the snacks we've ordered took forever to come indicating their kitchen was obviously facing problems. But we had lots of fun, and I reached home after 2. Thank goodness my parents didn't say anything. And on that night alone, we took a whopping total of 179 pictures! Mostly crap though. Haha

    Wednesday - KLIA. We were there to send Loy Yang off to Melbourne. Everyone was goggling at Loy Yang like he's suddenly the Dalai Lama. It wasn't entirely a difficult parting. Cameras, tears, hugs, wishes. You get the picture.

    Went to Ikea and 1u with Min on Thursday. Finally watched The Holiday which Conrad kept harping about. But it didn't turn out to be as great as I had expected it to be. I'd give it a half-hearted 6.5/10. Haha.

    Had my first karaoke experience on Friday with Conrad and Michelle. It was fun - with all the singing and Conrad doing silly acts. Actually brought my camera but forgot to change its battery. Sigh.

    By this day, I was already on the brink of financial disgrace. I owe Michelle money. And still owe Min money too. My mum actually gave me extra to spend this month - like... 75% extra (for doing the donkey job of painting the porch). But it all just went 'poof!' in a matter of days.

    So I chose to somewhat tone down the spendthrift side of me during the weekend -

    We made cny cookies!

    Michelle and Tam came to my place. It was pretty interesting. But they wrecked havoc in my kitchen, much to my dread.

    There's this last outing though. Due to poor self-control, I agreed to go for dinner with Jon on Saturday night. Splurge splurge splurge. We went to Siu Wan Teng (Little Genting). This place's quite packed on Saturday night and like all ugly Malaysians, parking around the place was haphazard with some people double parking. The view was this pretty...

    Actually got the picture off someone else's blog. I, on the other hand, am only capable of taking pictures like this:


    Monday, January 15

    Happy b'day Kiat !

    Last night Loy Yang and I were agreeing with each other of how much we should really cam-whore again in the future. The uh-very-intellectual discussion turned into a backfire of tantrums and laughters and we were virtually cursing each other, indirectly. Well it went like this:

    who got stats n acc2 textbook wanna sell??? says:
    nex time take more
    who got stats n acc2 textbook wanna sell??? says:
    even take signboards
    who got stats n acc2 textbook wanna sell??? says:
    Debbi says:
    Debbi says:
    Debbi says:
    do some more cam whoring next time
    Debbi says:
    must always remember to bring camera liau
    Debbi says:
    who got stats n acc2 textbook wanna sell??? says:
    all together la
    who got stats n acc2 textbook wanna sell??? says:
    all also cam whore
    who got stats n acc2 textbook wanna sell??? says:
    who got stats n acc2 textbook wanna sell??? says:
    all the whores
    who got stats n acc2 textbook wanna sell??? says:
    Debbi says:
    Debbi says:
    u're the bapa whore
    Debbi says:
    who got stats n acc2 textbook wanna sell??? says:
    wat the
    who got stats n acc2 textbook wanna sell??? says:
    who got stats n acc2 textbook wanna sell??? says:
    u anak whore (i'm his anak murid, that's why)
    who got stats n acc2 textbook wanna sell??? says:
    Debbi says:
    Debbi says:
    u're father of all whores
    Debbi says:
    who got stats n acc2 textbook wanna sell??? says:
    who got stats n acc2 textbook wanna sell??? says:
    wat the hell
    who got stats n acc2 textbook wanna sell??? says:
    who got stats n acc2 textbook wanna sell??? says:
    my own army of whores

    ps. he can really cam-whore you know. Leave him a camera and go and shop all you want. When you're done your camera's memory'll be all taken up ;) I seriously think he should form a cam-whoring club with my brother, Shawn. haha.

    And yesterday, we went to Sunway Lagoon in the morning. The 'we' consisted of: Kiat Hwa, Loy Yang, Tam and I. The whole purpose of the outing was to celebrate Kiat Hwa's belated birthday, but that purpose was only revealed to her during dinner. Haha. It's going to be really pointless describing the every nook and cranny of Sunway Lagoon we've tramped on, or how our limbs were in grotesque positions and stomachs turned cartwheels during the 360 degrees swings. So this time round, I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

    We took a picture right before we kept our belongings in the locker.

    There weren't even a single picture of any of us on any rides because, first things first, we can't possibly carry a camera on a ride that rotates 360 degrees. I wanted to at least bring my handphone so badly but concluded that it wasn't wise as there were some rides which'll get you wet.

    First played in the dry park, then proceeded to the wet park around 1.30 in the afternoon. No pictures, no pictures. As for the wet park, we spent most of the time wrestling each other in the water. It was hilarious.

    So before we left, it became a desideratum for us to take a few more pictures.

    It was already 4.30 when left the lagoon. And all of us were famished as we didn't even have breakfast in the morning. The process of deciding what to eat took some time but we finally settled for Hartz Chicken Buffet. When we told Kiat Hwa that everything was for her birthday celebration, her eyes widdened to the size of dinner plates.

    Went jalan-jalan after that, and left the place around 8, i think. Even did some bo-liao cam-whoring in the fitting room.

    Parking duration: 9 hours and 55 minutes. I'm happy :)

    I had to drop by Mrs. Lee's place after that and we hung out at her place till it was almost 11.

    Let's see what are Kiat Hwa's birthday wishes for this last (this or last?) year:

    She wishes for heaps and heaps of edibles, prays for endless wads of cash at her disposal, and hopes to be blessed with the sight of many eng dao kias. Happy birthday Kiat!


    Thursday, January 11


    Finally had the chance to post. The very much dreaded cvs exam is finally over. And it ended with a plunge of despair. The questions were so unexpected that in the middle of the exam i went into that posture of deep thought and practically gave up. I didn't even bother to check my answers. Well there wasn't much time anyway.

    I spent the whole day out on Saturday. Whole day - with 3 different groups of friends at different times.

    First went to Mid Valley with Jess and Pek Yiong. After fetching Jess from her place we reached the mall around 12.30. And as usual, Pek Yiong's always early. We didn't do much on that day. The initial plan was just to have lunch. So we ate in Sushi King, and the remaining time was spent walking around the mall, searching presents for Diana and Thuan Tzen. And we managed to get both :)

    Pek Yiong wanted to show off her new slim and sophisticated Sony T50. With touch-screen capability some more.

    I came home around 3.30, and it was then that Lau came and fetch me and the rest to Pyramid. We thought of trying ice-skating but due to the resurfacing schedule and all, the plan didn't turn out. Hence the meet-up became an eating frenzy. First we had waffles in Waffle World, then japanese food in Ichiban Ramen which was just next door. Jess came to pick me around 7 and the rest of them later went for steamboat in Cheras.

    The last outing was with the G10s in 1 Utama and it was to celebrate Diana's birthday. Jess and I arrived much later than the others, and we were ushered straight to Jack's Place to meet them.

    By the time I reach home the time was almost 12 and my family were all in the condo. Decided not to go as I still have to pack my bag for the Kuala Kubu Baru visit which was on the following day. Was undeniably elated for the whole day was spent hanging out, but when i came home, the cvs exam started to haunt me once again. Bleargh.

    So i left for kkb on Sunday, and came home just last night. Apart from the oppressive atmosphere of the sick room, it was quite an insightful visit. Got to witness a childbirth and saw a few other procedures in the A&E as well. No post mortems though, unfortunately. I didn't get any sleep during the last night as we gals unintentionally left the door latched from the inside and weren't able to gain entry into our dorm. So that became my second experience pulling an all-nighter. The following day I was so tired that during the hospital visit my eyelids kept drooping and my brain was slowy shutting down.

    Ok, have to make up for all the lost sleep now.


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