Thursday, January 11


Finally had the chance to post. The very much dreaded cvs exam is finally over. And it ended with a plunge of despair. The questions were so unexpected that in the middle of the exam i went into that posture of deep thought and practically gave up. I didn't even bother to check my answers. Well there wasn't much time anyway.

I spent the whole day out on Saturday. Whole day - with 3 different groups of friends at different times.

First went to Mid Valley with Jess and Pek Yiong. After fetching Jess from her place we reached the mall around 12.30. And as usual, Pek Yiong's always early. We didn't do much on that day. The initial plan was just to have lunch. So we ate in Sushi King, and the remaining time was spent walking around the mall, searching presents for Diana and Thuan Tzen. And we managed to get both :)

Pek Yiong wanted to show off her new slim and sophisticated Sony T50. With touch-screen capability some more.

I came home around 3.30, and it was then that Lau came and fetch me and the rest to Pyramid. We thought of trying ice-skating but due to the resurfacing schedule and all, the plan didn't turn out. Hence the meet-up became an eating frenzy. First we had waffles in Waffle World, then japanese food in Ichiban Ramen which was just next door. Jess came to pick me around 7 and the rest of them later went for steamboat in Cheras.

The last outing was with the G10s in 1 Utama and it was to celebrate Diana's birthday. Jess and I arrived much later than the others, and we were ushered straight to Jack's Place to meet them.

By the time I reach home the time was almost 12 and my family were all in the condo. Decided not to go as I still have to pack my bag for the Kuala Kubu Baru visit which was on the following day. Was undeniably elated for the whole day was spent hanging out, but when i came home, the cvs exam started to haunt me once again. Bleargh.

So i left for kkb on Sunday, and came home just last night. Apart from the oppressive atmosphere of the sick room, it was quite an insightful visit. Got to witness a childbirth and saw a few other procedures in the A&E as well. No post mortems though, unfortunately. I didn't get any sleep during the last night as we gals unintentionally left the door latched from the inside and weren't able to gain entry into our dorm. So that became my second experience pulling an all-nighter. The following day I was so tired that during the hospital visit my eyelids kept drooping and my brain was slowy shutting down.

Ok, have to make up for all the lost sleep now.


Princess Nadielle 1/13/2007 7:02 PM  

Hi Deb, happy new year!
nice pic there... first thing that would come across people's minds when they see it is "is that a new emergency room tv series? Cool! What channel is it on?"
by the way, thanks for informing me your new link. keep in touch and see ya around ;-)

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