Saturday, December 30

happy 2007 !

Reminiscing over the year...

1. Entered medical school and made new friends. After the torturesome episode of agonizing between the choices of pursuing medicine and pharmacy, I finally made up the crucial decision of choosing medicine as a career. So I’ve made some new friends, and also survived the m106 orientation - it was the first time I’ve ever eaten dog biscuits too.
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After the ugly ice-breakers.

2. Went to Genting with the G10s. Jess and I hemmed and hawed and finally decided to join the G10s for the Genting trip. Had so much fun. As the place wasn’t jam-packed at that time, we practically went up every ride few times. Glad i chose to go :)
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G10's turning 2 on 3rd January!

3. Did my first elective in Taman Negara. Enjoyed this as well, and it was the first time I’ve been on a trip with 2 guys, only. It wasn’t easy persuading my parents for permission, but it all went well nevertheless. A whole week’s trip. Taman Negara was a good exercise and it got me back in shape… round is a shape right?!
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I was praying for Min to be gobbled up by a multi-coloured giant leech for taking this picture.

4. Was given a surprised party for my birthday. An expected one, more of. But i'm happy! For some reasons surprise birthday parties seem to never work. Wish I could hatch some cunning plan and idea in the future. But the celebration was sweet – especially the getting-smeared-with-whip-cream frenzy.
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5. Passed my grade 8 piano exam. Finally! After I first admitted it being ‘devastatingly depressing’ and was so sure that I was going to fail, it’s really unexpected that I managed to pass! Just ‘pass’, by the way. But I’m VERY contented with it. Now I daresay that was undeniably due to luck. Like 99.9% luck!
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And let it be known...

My 2007 resolutions:
- Stop procrastinating. This is like an irreversible curse which seem to be stuck with me forever.
- No more lies. No more white lies, gray lies, fibs… Prevarications are fine *winks*.
- Exercise… a bit.
- Stop being so sensitive. I’ve always wanted things to go my way. I want this, must have it. Want that, must get it. It’s like I want whatever I want when I want it.
- Stop brooding over unnecessary things. I brood too much, hence the day dreams. I think I’ve allotted like half of my life just to day dream.
- Remember Debbi, don’t procrastinate. Don’t procrastinate...
- Stop being a paranoid. Stop acting like a nosey parker. Stop calling my brothers idiots. Stop cursing drivers on the road. Stop being a glutton. Stop spending unnecessarily. Stop wasting so much time on the computer. Stop blogging.

Short-term goals:
- Get a new, nice, chic, wallet. And a sling bag.
- Get a jacket, more clothes
- Get creative's PoPz
- Sail through every exam with fantastic results (this should be at the top of the list)
- Pass my grade 8 theory exam (this i must!)

Happy New Year people! And no, i don't plan to stop blogging.


Yen Nee,  1/18/2007 11:55 AM  

Hey debbi! Happy New Year! (considered new year still, rite?) anyway, just read about ur resolutions abt passing the grade 8 theory. Wish you luck, coz it's NOT EASY. But comparing to your medical exams, maybe it's easier,eh?

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