Saturday, October 10

Last night i had a dream that i was going shopping with mum. Probably the first time i've ever dreamt of home since i've been here. I know i haven't been updating much at all, because well, i guess really there's nothing to talk about? Life here isn't exactly all roses and sunshine. And each time i feel like saying something it'll be a whine - it goes to the private blog ahem. And i hate people that whine on their blogs. (oh, look what i am doing now). The past week had been a hell of an emotional roller coaster for myself. But what the heck, just suck it up debbi. Suck it up. Hmm what else... Psych exam came and go. I'm happy that i managed to pass, albeit only managed to scrape through. Schizophreniform killed me. Fark. It sucks that at present time all i'm aiming for is a pass. Whatever happened to the debbi that was pushing herself for the dean's list back then. Seriously this is making me feel slightly ill with terror. I'm drained. Right now we're just overcoming each hurdle as it comes. One at a time. I'm almost burnt out i must say.

I just wanna be home.


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