Thursday, January 29

oz oz oz oi oi oi

Monday (first day of cny) was coincidentally also Aussie day here. Took a bus down to the city with the sole purpose of watching the fireworks. We had like multiple australian flag tattoos all over us which i find funny, because back in malaysia even if you kill me also i'll never stick a jalur gemilang tattoo on my face. Ok maybe i would if you were going to kill me.

Anyway the whole tattoo thing was all just for fun. I'm not aussie-fied yet. Or angmo-fied as peggy says.


honeypooh 1/30/2009 9:33 PM  

u angmofied ppl...
in one of the pic u wear sunnies
the eyes behind it look like alien

debbi 1/31/2009 12:43 AM  

Cis. Later your pf's make you look like alien also then u know.

honeypooh 1/31/2009 9:40 PM  

i sudah look like alien even without pf ok.....
*big big eyes*
say u mcm alien is compliment ah...
mata besar mcm guli.... tat ur kaki?
now u noe how i feel when my kaki got the s2pid selipar mark there

Denzel,  1/31/2009 10:12 PM  

so coolz, u lookz like a rockstar..........

debbi 2/01/2009 1:34 AM  

honeypooh: Oh thank you for the alien eyes compliment. Haha. Ya my kaki. I tell you walk one day here under the sun can get that already. The sun burns your skin lo.

denz: Yes my dear of course. And you talkz like a rockstar tooz.

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