Wednesday, January 14


4. Four. Empat. Sei. Die. Argh! I'm still drowning in my to-do lists. 

Tam suggested a farewell sleepover at my place last saturday and my, it was fun. Haha. It was also the first time i got so tipsy. Slightly drunk? Well half of us drank till we puked. You wimps hahaha. It was crazy. Umm... crazy. If you ask me whether i would want to do it again, i'd say i'd definitely think twice this time.

So bye bye my high school mates :( Last time when high school ended i thought the distance would drift us all apart, what with everyone going separate ways, doing different pre-u's and such. But i was wrong. If anything, being separated did nothing but brought us closer together.

Tam. She is one person i know i can always count on. That she will always be there for me. Thanks for the scarf you knitted for me. So touched la :')

Kiat Hwa. The happy-go-lucky, the ffk-er, and the blur. It's ok kiat, despite your imperfections we still love you. Haha. Or do we not? Hahaha. Just kidding la.

Loy Yang came back from oz (for good, hate you) on new year's day and i have been meeting him almost every day ever since. Apparently i'm also his kryptonite, so if anyone of you would want to wage a vendetta against him just dial 017-gotohell. Don't know how i can thank you just for making yourself free until the 18th, and for making sure that all my cravings are satisfied. Muacks.

Lau is like the most independent person i've ever known. Although we only see each other when loy yang comes back i'm glad that we could still hit it off whenever we meet up again.

Con con here is my odd-job partner, my shopping partner, my mamak partner. My temaning partner. Wait that makes no sense. Haha. Saya akan rindu kamu con con. Masih ingat shitz? Phlegm/flame? Aduii saya akan rindu semua sesi berketawa-ketawaan kita. Hahaha.

Mic: Do you want to be cremated next time?
Con: Yeah!
Mic: Yerr...
Con: Why not? I'd be dead anyway. My dead body wouldn't care.
Mic: ... Actually i'll be more noble la. I'll donate all my organs.
Us: (but your body will still be there woh?)
That's Michelle kow moo moo for you. It's funny to think of what actually made us close friends a few years back. Don't think i should disclose here but yeah. Thanks for all the laughter Mic mic :)

I will miss you guys huhu.


-conRad- 1/15/2009 3:21 PM  

Ish ! .. Dah la I was feeling all sad yesterday, now make me even more sad !!


honeypooh 1/15/2009 10:18 PM  

y no me!!!!!!!
i hate ur long n putih legs!!!!!
my knee UGLY coz i fall down from stairs!!!!
the last pic punya pose looks abit salah

debbi 1/16/2009 2:31 AM  

con: Misery loves company con con. Haha. You can teman me ber-sad-an. Hahaha.

honeypooh: Who ask you never come kl say byebye to me! Haha. No la these are all high school friends ma. You know i'll always love you hek hek (geli!) Eh i think my legs are fat in the pics ok. Like got cellulite some more. And oi you fikir dirty la. Haha. Actually it does look salah. Haih1

honeypooh 1/16/2009 10:18 PM  

im right!!!
how i wish i can pose mcm tu...
u noe u noe?
gek sei busuk

debbi 1/17/2009 4:05 PM  

Pose macam tu? You hiao ah what you thinking... You wanna pose with who ha... hahaha

Jon 1/18/2009 12:45 AM  

Eh, when u come back its my turn, must drink with me d....

debbi 1/18/2009 1:34 AM  

2 ppl drink alone too dangerous la hoho. I'll watch you drink la hahaha.

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