Friday, January 9


My room is in such a mess now that i could topple over something at least 3 times just walking from the light switch to my bed when the lights are off. I'm almost done with packing. Almost.

Time started to speed up ever since the singapore trip. From then on came the sleepover at my place, the seremban trip, then the countless outings with all close friends. Yes, i've been going out everyday since then it feels like a hangover now. With about a week left right now i suddenly realised that there are still plenty of things that i want to do. And i realised how i suck in planning that sometimes i have to end up saying no to invites and worst still, canceling meet-ups.

There's this little thing nagging at the back of my head right now. A question that i want to know the answer to but at the same time do not need to know. I don't know why i even bother. I think it's time that i figure who are those that matter most and those that i should just yell **** off. Well apparently i also suck when it comes to setting my priorities right.

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