Saturday, January 3


Clarke Quay (key, not kueh) is this vibrant place by the Singapore river. Numerous dance clubs and pubs can be found at every nook and cranny of the area, kinda like Bukit Bintang/Bangsar, just a lot cooler i suppose.

One which drew our attention was this particular one called Clinic. It's a hospital theme bar which uses wheelchairs, operation theatre lights and tables, and replaces normal glasses with blood bags/syringes?

I just realised that i didn't take a lot of pictures. Was probably too tired after spending the whole day in Sentosa and Vivo City. One huge turn off about the place was the staff. A lot of them were somewhat snooty (one thing i've noticed about singaporeans, 80% of them should go to hell for being so unfriendly).

Drinks were pretty pricey. Well, VERY pricey actually. But we didn't mind paying just for the sake of trying them out. Since we didn't get to swim with the dolphins, i guess we deserved this less expensive treat. Haha. Here's sex on the drip, which came in a blood bag as you can see. That alone ripped us off 50+ sgd. Wow huh.

Please ignore sampat person.


Min 1/03/2009 3:23 PM  

Ahh. Uber cool place. Siao expensive though. And siao person in the last picture as well..

And ewwww. The word verification that I see is 'labiliks'. For some reason, in my mind it sounds like something* labia.Haha. Geek/hamsap/extremely pervert comment.

*original word intended has been replaced by 'something' due to word sensorship and in consideration for the young uns'.

Zzzyun 1/04/2009 2:17 AM  

*laughs at min's comment*

and omg u went to that place! i saw it featured on some blog sometime ago!

really cool theme :P

ps: my word verification was 'ronisess'??

debbi 1/04/2009 10:16 PM  

What's the something*. Noo i don't get it!

eeveehow 1/09/2009 4:06 PM  

Oh, i been to that place before. Ya lah, everything is so expensive there, haha!

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