Saturday, January 19

Things of late

I know I haven't updated for a long time - it's been like 4? 5 months? Can't even recall the last time I visited my own blog. Haha.

Happy new year! It's a little too late, but whatever. I think I shall blog about resolutions.

Before that, here's a mini update.

1. I've got a new toy! No it's not my ndsl :)

After agonizing about making the right choice for quite a while, I've finally made the huge decision to take up gu zheng lessons. HUGE decision because I didn't know gu zhengs cost that much. I kinda expected their prices to be about the same as guitars.

2. There's a new addition to the family.

Meet Snitch? We didn't really give time to think of a proper name. At least it's better than Sootty, or Betty, or Fugly.

3. Baked my first cake.

It was for my mum's birthday. All because i ter-announced to her a few months back that I was going to do so. Of which she went 'ah good good... make sure you do blablabla', you know how mothers can go on and on. I was cowed into obedience. Ahem, the cake was pretty good though. Almost half of it was gone within half an hour *snickers*

Wait wait. Must add emoticon.

4. ?

Now as for resolutions...

These were my 2007 resolutions. I've posted this some time last year.

1. Stop procrastinating. This is like an irreversible curse which seem to be stuck with me forever.
And it's still stuck with me. Can't help it you see. Am very much controlled by kemalasan (sounds like kemaluan).

2. No more lies. No more white lies, gray lies, fibs… Prevarications are fine *winks*.
An old friend once looked at me in the eyes and asked 'Debbi, come tell us the truth, have you lied to us before?'. Dumbstricken, I frowned thoughtfully and remained silent for a while, then answered, 'no'. It was then I realised that I never (if do, rarely) lie to my friends, but lied to my parents many times I could not count.

3. Exercise… a bit.
I don't think I exercised even once in that whole year.

4. Stop being so sensitive. I’ve always wanted things to go my way. I want this, must have it. Want that, must get it. It’s like I want whatever I want when I want it.
I still want things to go my way, damn it! But why do they not seem to be so??

5. Stop brooding over unnecessary things. I brood too much, hence the day dreams. I think I’ve allotted like half of my life just to day dream.
Still do.

6. Remember Debbi, don’t procrastinate. Don’t procrastinate...
yar yar...

7. Stop being a paranoid. Stop acting like a nosey parker. Stop calling my brothers idiots. Stop cursing drivers on the road. Stop being a glutton. Stop spending unnecessarily. Stop wasting so much time on the computer. Stop blogging.

Resolutions achieved = 0. It's bollocks I tell you. What's the point of making any when none could be accomplished? Besides, dreams are the opposite of reality. The more you talk about something you want, the more it drifts away from you. It's a jinx.

Yup, not gonna make any resolutions for 2008 ;-)


-conRad- 1/28/2008 1:41 PM  

Wah ... So loooonnnngggg ... I can see the dust clumping at the corner of the screen ...

Resolutions .. Bah Humbug !!

Aiyo ?! How to stop white lying ?? I do it all the time .. ehehehe !!

Princess Nadielle 2/01/2008 12:54 AM  

ur little kitty is soooooooooooo cute!!!

Min 4/12/2008 11:37 PM  

Ape ni? Look at that date! It's been two months edi. Atas-Haribulan (lame right?).

Faster, before I 'Babab' you.

Min 5/22/2008 10:36 AM  

Wei, I enjoy reading ur blog la. Please update. Wait! Since begging doesn't work anymore for this very difficult 'patient'. Time to take another approach. I'm going to force you to blog. At least the very idea of me forcing you to blog should prompt you to react.

How would I force you to blog, you ask? Well, if I don't see anything here within oh, let's say a week. I'm going to blog FOR you. You heard me.

I already got the title. It's called- "Stress". Key points to include stress about PMS, stress about EOS, stress about a new phone, stress about... I'll go on and on. :-D I'll probably even spice it up with another 'aeriel blade' killing you. Blek.

In conclusion, ATAS HARI-BULAN. Hehe!

debbi 5/22/2008 10:03 PM  

erm........................ yeay! it'll be nice to have someone blogging for me. hohoho :) :)

i... uh. ah. tell you next time. haha.

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