Sunday, July 6

for everything counts.

No, the coconuts did not prompt me to post this.

Google analytics says I get an average of about 3 visitors a day. Hey, that's not so bad ok considering the fact that my blog has been collecting dust for the past 6 months. There were a few times I almost got myself to blog about something but it always end up the same; I'd open microsoft word, type a sentence or two, then thought 'ah, screw it.'. Thing is, I haven't updated for so long I don't even know where to start now.

I guess I should start with the present? EoS 5 is finally over! The past one month was crazy. My nerves had been in perpetual overdrive and I often find myself stuck in a crossfire of torture, tantrum and tears. The stress... There's always this constant voice in my head that keeps telling me to take a break and maybe just go for that movie Jon kept asking me to. But thank goodness each time conscience got the better of me and reminded me that I must finish the stack of notes which was supposed to be completed days ago. I'm happy now that I didn't go, otherwise I would have came home realising I'm lagging behind even more and would sink deeper into depression.

I'm having my 6 months break now. How cool is that? After of which I will be heading to Perth. Most of you would have already known that I got accepted into Western Australia, which isn't too bad come to think of it now. I wasn't so happy when it came to me at first, considering the fact that I missed my first choice and that all my friends would now be right at the opposite end of the continent. But all is good now. Thanks Pek Yiong and Loy Yang for being here (there? here? there? haha) to catch me whenever I fall. And Min too, for your leg.

Just like Min, I started to see expiry dates on everyone. Especially when my mum kept saying things like 'there's no one to help me fetch the boys anymore after you leave next year', or when Michelle asks 'what's going to happen to our mamak gang'. The thought of losing friends came. I've been telling myself to have some faith. I mean, when I first entered Taylor's I had this perception that those people are going to be my friends for just a year. But things turn out to be otherwise. I still keep in touch with both Pek Yiong and Jess until today. We would still bug each other throughout the year just to find out what the other wants for her birthday, and would frequently bitch just about anything, from nenens to didis to puttputts (ok now I know why Mei Ann calls me hamsap. SHUT UP! T_T). Things have always turned out fine eventually. But does 'fine' include the friends I have forgotten for the past 15 years? Shit.

I do have faith, but what kind?


-conRad- 7/06/2008 9:00 PM  

YaY ! A blog post !!

Boo ! Ur going AWAY !!

At least u'll come back once in a while ... must spend our last moments mamaking again ok ?!!

honeypooh 7/06/2008 10:04 PM  

faith in me in me in ME!!!!!!!!!!!
im loyal....hohohoho
dun worry..... i noe im more important... rmb me can dy....>=)

Min 7/09/2008 1:55 PM  

Phew, finally a post. So you finally kept to your promise and blog after the exam huh?

Looking forward to many many more posts dear.


Min 8/04/2008 1:06 AM  

Time for another date.

You can call it "handling people's shit"

debbi 8/04/2008 9:12 PM  

*rolls eyes*

that would be private blog material.

Min 8/06/2008 1:07 AM  

Nope. You're so geram that they'll get the picture. It'll help clear the air. Furthermore, if you blog about it without the intention of causing harm, then it means that your subconcious is conciously telling you to get it out in the open. Your subconcious only have a certain amount of space you know, the intracranial cavity can only hold so much. Geek joke, Har Har Har!! kkekekeke

debbi 8/06/2008 2:36 AM  

Clear the air? Would rather suck it up and deal with it on my own than having emotions frayed. Here's to you, Sacrifices. Haha.

Min 8/06/2008 9:35 PM  

Sacrifice my foot. You have never been a martyr... for anything; let alone for friends. Sacrifices, huh and hmpf and *shakes head*

Zzzyun 8/20/2008 2:40 PM  

haha i know this comment is super duper late.

but i just noticed! u said the same thing abt frenz eh?

and i hv the very same thought too. how abt those frenz that i've forgotten in my primary/high sch years? sigh.

ps: i've taken the liberty of linking ur blog. is tat okie?? ^^

debbi 8/22/2008 11:22 AM  

Zyun: No worries :) Yeah kinda forgot that i wrote about friends also. Suddenly feel so pathetic. Haha. Most of the time we don't choose to forget friends. They just drift apart after a while - lack of communication, geographical barriers etc. We don't even realise it most of the time. But these are the things i fear that would happen. I don't want to forget people and have close friends turning in to hi-and-bye friends.

James B. W. Pak Guan 8/24/2008 10:24 PM  

my gosh. have poosted a post for 6 months and once its up youve got comments piling up... hehe.. now youre closer to pek yiong.. i know its sxcary.. its ok... hang in there

honeypooh 8/25/2008 11:53 PM  

u r 2-3 hours away frm me after u go perth

debbi 8/26/2008 1:13 AM  

Er, ok?

2-3 hours by plane? So sad lah doesn't make a difference. Loy yang coming back to msia for good end of this year some more. Wuuuuuuuuuu

Min 9/21/2008 10:11 PM  

Erm. What's with the most recent post? You disabled the comments section ah? Had to piggyback on this one.

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